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Finally cropped-Debbie.jpggoing to publish my first blog. Woo! Woo!  If you would have seen me trying to figure all this out earlier you probably would have asked me if I was crazy?  I guess in a way, I am… But I have been wanting to try my hand at blogging for a long time but never thought I would ever be able to do this.
So with that I will be sharing some of my life experiences, some crafts, art and other little things that may come up!

I hope as time goes by you will find my blogs more interesting with a lot more of a defining subject. Right now, I just wanted to sort of introduce myself and test the waters as they say!

I love animals I have four, two dogs one named Preston the other named Frankie also two cats. Until the next blog, hope to see you again.

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Purple,Green & Gold
Purple,Green & Gold

Author: Debbie Radecker

Here I am, trying to start a new life for myself. I'm originally from New Orleans, LA lived there for, well you could say all my life until now. Myrtle Beach, SC is my home now which is very different in many ways, but the ocean is beautiful. I did manage to stay in the Southern part of the country which does have a place in my heart. I have a wonderful Son and Daughter in Law now living back in New Orleans, so I have a place to stay!

3 thoughts on “Starting a Blog”

    1. Thanks for even noticing, yes I guess you could say that I hit a brick wall. Everything I thought writing about just didn’t seem interesting enough for anyone to read. Then they thought I had a heart attack and I’ve been going thru all kind of test along with my husband being very sick. He is in the hospital every Monday getting an infusion. So, I did drop the ball on all of this. Yes, I will take any suggestions you have I jumped into this not knowing anything about coding, etc.. To tell you the truth, I was happy I made it as far as I did to just get something online. lol Once again, thank you and would love to hear from you again, promise it won’t be as long for me to reply.

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