Learning about “Spa & Hot Tub Covers” Part II

Hot tub cover
Hot tub cover


I thought I would go back to the subject of Spa’s & Hot Tub covers. Like I said in my last post, I’m writing this because I really hate to see people wasting their money on inferior products. I’m not saying that all internet sellers are not honest, but being involved in this business I hear a lot from customers. I’ve been involved in this business over 6 years and my husband nearly 20 years. When customers call us it’s usually word of mouth or they are complaining about the cover they ordered off the internet and now want what we offer.

As I mentioned in my past post I listed two things that the consumer should be aware of when ordering. Here I shall explain some more insight on ordering a cover through the internet.

Consumers don’t realize how many of the covers get damaged during shipment. If it does have damage on it what are you going to do when it gets to your house? Either you have to be there to receive the delivery so you can check it before the delivery man/company leaves so you can refuse the order or you get stuck with a damaged cover. One of the biggest sellers on the internet, specifically states they do not take returns period. If they do take returns, its your responsibility to get it back to them which can be expensive and troublesome for some customers.

Another thing to be on the look out is the “warranty” they give you. There is not one company/manufacturer that gives warranties. We are able to help out our customers because of the relationship we have with our manufacturer. If something happens to your cover that we sell you, within a reasonable time period due to manufacturing we will get you another cover. You will not find that from any other dealer.

Another thing to take in consideration is they charge you for the product before it’s even shipped and usually there isn’t anyone to come measure it for you. We, my husband or myself with a purchase will go to the customer’s house and measure the spa and that is included in the quote we give you along with the shipping fees.

So my suggestion to owners of spas is to make sure you know who you are ordering from, don’t think because its cheaper it will be the same. Ask your neighbors or friends you know that have bought covers and get some feed back from them.

Unfortunately we sell only on the South Eastern Seaboard of the US and rarely drop ship the covers. If we do, it’s because it’s a repeat  customer and we have the measurements from the last time. We use to sell further up North but we now live in Myrtle Beach, SC and getting older with less spunk I guess you could say!  LOL

So just remember, if it seems like a really good deal it’s probably not a very good product that won’t last or they are not telling you about the upcharges at first, so be aware…..

If I can help you in anyway please don’t hesitate to send a comment or ask a question, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Author: Debbie Radecker

Here I am, trying to start a new life for myself. I'm originally from New Orleans, LA lived there for, well you could say all my life until now. Myrtle Beach, SC is my home now which is very different in many ways, but the ocean is beautiful. I did manage to stay in the Southern part of the country which does have a place in my heart. I have a wonderful Son and Daughter in Law now living back in New Orleans, so I have a place to stay!

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